2020 Season review

2020 Season review

2020, the year that most people want to forget. It started out like any other year, a week into it though I was unemployed, getting let go for the first time in my life (that was’t a bad thing though, trust me). 8 weeks in, the world was starting to wake up to the realization that there was something going on with this virus thing. I was flying to/from Orlando at the end of February. I recall going through the airports thinking that anyone wearing a mask was over reacting, that being said, I wasn’t getting too close to anyone back then.

A couple of weeks later I was driving to Stillwater Oklahoma for a bicycle event, waiting for the orange president to come on the air and do a broadcast of what was going on, half expecting to turn around and drive back to St. Louis.

I went in to 2020 planning to run the FR-S competitively nationally, performning well at the Solo Nationals and then sell the car at the end of the season, ready to move on to something else after 3 seasons.

The season was cut short, Nationally only attending one event (a win) with the Topeka ProSolo and I ended up not attending the first two local St. Louis region events as I was concerned with Covid-19 and the risks associated with that. It wasn’t until the third event, June 21st, that I really got out to compete.

I ended up attending 7 of 9 St. Louis region events, taking the top PAX (index) finish at 5 of 7 events that I attended. For the year I ended up taking the index championship over Mitchell Coughran, 69,873 out of a possible 70,000 points. For the SSC class I ended up taking 7 of 7 class wins for the year.

This was the second time (third if you throw the stupid 2008 double points event out) I took the overall index championship for the St. Louis Region SCCA, the last time being in 2013 in Dave’s street mustang (what was the class back then, rsr?, I really don’t recall).

I was also awarded the Driver of The Year award for 2020.

What’s next for 2021? Well I ended up deciding not to sell the car. I am signed up for the ProSolo SuperPass, which really doesn’t mean too much other than I get to sign up early for events to make sure I get it. You don’t earn points for the ProSolo Finale this year like in the past, so if you get a ProSolo win, you’re in for the finale, otherwise you might get in by attending enough events.

I am signed up for the Dixie tour down in southern Georgia in the middle of March, and I will likely run the Topeka ProSolo and possibly Spring Nationals if I don’t do the Unbound Gravel (200 miles) ride in Emporia KS the week after Spring Nationals.

Local eventwise, I’ll be hitting what events I can. Never say never on trying to repeat with the index championship.

2022, who knows, I imagine I will sell the FR-S at the end of this year, but again, never say never.

Autocross Settings from 2020:

Front Swaybar: Soft setting
Rear Swaybar: Stiff Setting
Front Konis: 0.5 turn from soft
Rear Konis: 1.5 turns from soft
Front Tire Pressure: 30 psi
Rear Tire Pressure: 29 psi


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