2019 SpecFRS.com Season up to Nationals

Where has the time gone? The 2019 season, at least Nationally, has come, and almost gone. The ProSolo Finale and TireRack National Championships are next week in Lincoln Nebraska, and SpecFRS.com will be there. But how did we get there? Let's look back on the 2019 season.

The season started out in with a test and tune in St. Louis on March 10th. To start the season off, Sean Greer was planning on running the car, so we took it to Family Arena and tried to work off the rust (from the drivers). We followed up the test and tune with a local event in St. Louis at the end of March, with Chris taking the win in SSC and Sean taking second, in the three car class. It would be June 9th before we had another local event.

April brought the first ProSolo for the year, in Grenada Mississippi. Sean and I headed down through Memphis on Friday, stopping to buy some, only available in Tennessee, Jack Daniel's bottles to add to the CollectorOfJack.com site. Grenada had 14 drivers in the class, with 5 trophies. Chris took the 5th and final trophy spot with Sean taking third for the event, each of them besting the other on one side of the 2 sided ProSolo courses.

Next was Lincoln Nebraska in late May for the Spring Nationals Champ Tour and ProSolo. In the ProSolo there were 16 drivers, 5 trophies. Chris managed to take 4th, while Sean finished in 8th for the Pro. The Lincoln Champ tour had 14 drivers, 5 trophies, with both Chris and Sean finishing in the trophies. Chris in 2nd, behind Kevin Dietz and Sean in 5th. Chris managed to pull out his best runs the last run each day.

After Lincoln, Sean was pretty put off by the car, and decided that he wouldn't be running it much going forward. Chris jumped straight into the local event scene and found success in 3 of the next 4 events, taking the SSC class win in all but one. At event #3 Tom Sotitopoulos, who co-drive last year, jumped in the car for the remainder of the season. In event 4 he managed to best Chris to take the class win.

There are 4 more local events this year, as of right now Chris is holding down the class lead in points, and is setting in second place in PAX/Index for the year. With this difficult PAX number, it will be hard to take the index win for the year, but that is the ultimate goal, Chris trying to repeat what he did in 2013.

So here we are, heading to Lincoln on Friday, towing the car down with a fresh set of Falken tires and the alignment reset our specs.

The only thing we've changed this season is to adjusted air pressures down a bit in the back, from 31/31 to 31/30. No other changes from the car as to what we ran for settings last year.

Autocross Settings used 2019:

Front Swaybar: Soft setting
Rear Swaybar: Stiff Setting
Front Konis: 0.5 turn from soft
Rear Konis: 1.5 turns from soft
Front Tire Pressure: 31 psi
Rear Tire Pressure: 30 psi
Brake Pads: Ferodo DS2500

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