350z and Missouri Safety and Emissions tests

350z and Missouri Safety and Emissions tests

The car failed Missouri safety and emissions testing today. When I pulled out of the driveway this morning something happened up front, on the brakes, one of the wheels locked up, “SLIP” and “VDC” lights came on and wouldn’t shut off. Restarted the car, got out, checked for anything noticeable and drove down the road to the gas station. At the station I decided to plug the OBDII scanner in and sure enough, it was throwing an ABS code.

Told it to clear all codes to see if that would stay off, but after driving a short time the two lights came back on. Crap.

Went to the local Dobbs, and put it in for testing. They said the ABS light wouldn’t be a concern for the testing, and the horn I wired up to a button was sufficient.

What I forgot was the tires need to have decent tread for the safety inspection, over the weekend I threw the Hankook RS3s on as one of the RE-71s was flat, that was a mistake. The RS3s have hardly any tread, and failed inspection. I’ll throw the RE71s back on tomorrow night and just watch the one that is leaking air (this Dobbs plugged a whole in it 2 weeks ago).

The noise this morning in the driveway was likely the left front wheel bearing, throwing the ABS off. That also failed inspection, so I replaced the wheel bearing tonight.

Also failed for a couple of exhaust issues, 3 of the 6 (8?) gaskets on the exhaust were leaking, so I replaced them with 3 gaskets I was able to obtain from Autozone. Not perfect fits, but hopefully close enough, added some high temp sealant in there as well to try to fix the leaks there. There’s also a hole in the exhaust pipe on the passenger side, where it dips down lower than the driver’s side, it has apparently scraped over many a speed bump and torn through. I put some sealant in there tonight, and will put some exhaust repair tape over it tomorrow night (after the sealant sets) to see if I can close that up for the inspection. This winter that damn exhaust is coming off in favor of something lighter.

Finally, they couldn’t even do the emissions testing, because me resetting the codes to try to fix the ABS also cleared all the emissions sensors, so I have to drive the car for a while (how far?) after I get all the exhaust repairs done to try and get the sensors enough mileage to run through their data and hopefully be able to get the car back in for inspection on Friday morning.



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