Wheels for a BSP 350z, ARP Studs, Sway Bars

So now that wheels and tires (used) are taken care of, at least for part of the season, I need to locate some longer/stronger wheel studs for the 350z.

Enkei RPF1 18x10 +38

On my 2003 350z I had Nismo studs, though they were only on the front, I never got around to putting them on the rear. For this one I could go with the Nismo studs, but it appears a lot of people use ARP studs. So I started looking into what was available there.

The guy I purchased the wheels and tires from uses studs that have a 1.50 pitch, though stock and the Nismo studs were 1.25.

Doing some research it looks like ARP’s catalog doesn’t have any listings for Nissans, but based on the specs I found on another website they make a couple of part numbers that would likely work.

Part Number 100-7717 has a knurl (where it goes into the hub) diameter of .565 or ~14.3mm, a length of 3”, knurl length of .270”, and thread size of M12x1.5

Part Number 100-7716 has a knurl (where it goes into the hub) diameter of .565 or ~14.3mm, a length of 3”, knurl length of .270”, and thread size of M12x1.25

I obviously haven’t yet confirmed these fit yet (I’ll update this post when I do), but I’m going to see what I can find for a deal on either of the above part numbers. I’m likely going to need them on my 350z with these new wheels and potentially need spacers as well.

The wheels I picked up are Enkei RPF1 18x10” +38 for all four corners. The tires are used Kumho Victoracer V710s 18” 305. Not what I want to run ultimately, but the best option for me right now as they were already mounted on the wheels!

In addition to the wheels and tires I picked up a set of used front and rear Hotchkis sway bars for the 350z. They are the older set, only 3 adjustment points, but they will do for now.

New Street Tires

I also picked up some new street tires today as the current ones are getting pretty dangerous in the rain. These are brand new Falken RT615s 265/35R18. Not sure when I will get them mounted, but I’m looking forward to having them on the car.

The first event of 2011 for the San Francisco Region SCCA is on the 13th, so a week away. In that time I need to get the following done

  • Find 20 long studs
  • Find 20 (+) lug nuts
  • Find sway bar end links
  • Install the sway bars
  • Make sure that the new wheels/tires fit on the car.
  • Make sure I can fit 4 wheels/tires in the car so I can get to the event.


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