Information about the Vitour Tempesta P1

Information about the Vitour Tempesta P1

If you’re looking for information on the Vitour Tempesta P1 tire for the sport of autocross you’ve come to the right place!

The tire isn’t legal for national level autocross competition. Don’t waste your money on it buying a set.

Who is selling Vitour Tempesta P1?

Some interneet websites, but not any respectable locations. I wouldn’t recommend placing an order for these any

Who makes the Vitour Tempesta P1 tires?

Who the f really knows.

In some regions, but not in any respectible region. Stick with know and trusted brands, that are legal for national level competition.

Official SCCA Tech Bulletin Information

Tech Bulletins
Event Operations
#35148 Vitour Tempesta P1 tires
Under Solo Rules section 13.3, the Vitour Tempesta P1 and XComp H/P are added to the National event tire exclusion list in 13.3.C.4 and under “Wheel and Tire Allowances” in the CAM/XS section of Appendix B, to the CAM/XS tire exclusion list.

Due to these being low volume tires from a niche manufacturer, the SEB does not have sufficient information about their performance, actual size(s) availability, and schedule of importation. We do not anticipate having sufficient information to adequately evaluate these tires before January 1st eligibility date.

These tires may be removed from the exclusion list when that information becomes available, if all other conditions of 13.3 are met.

Opinions are my own, and just that, opinions.

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