Success! The bushings are removed from the upper control arms

Well it just goes to show you. Having the right tool for a job is the key to getting the job done right.

Last night I spent some time trying to get the bushings out again, I didn't have any luck. I then ran to Home Depot and picked up a 6” vise.

Tonight I mounted the vise to my work bench and got to work. It didn't take long, with the vise in place I was able to knock out the first bushing. The 2nd and 3rd took a little work, but were much easier than the first one.

The 4th one was a breeze, though I think it was too easy for a reason. I may have cut a little too deep into the control arm….. bah! I may have to go ahead and order another oem replacement arm just to be safe. Fortunately the cut doesn't go across the whole arm, but we'll see. I would hate to think what could happen if that arm broke while I was driving down the highway.

Here's a shot of the arm sans bushing, the cut is on the inside (far side)

350z Control Arm Sans Bushing

and here's the removed bushings (sans some of the burned out rubber)

remnants of the front bushings

and here's a video of the process over the past two days.

350z Video of Bushing Removal

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