SSC Contingency Opportunities

So one of the ways to help supplement the cost of autocross at a National level with the SCCA is to participate in their contingency programs. There are a variety of contingency options available, depending on:

  • What make of car you drive
  • What class you run in
  • What tires you run
  • What programs you register for

You should check out the SCCA Autocross Contingency page to see which options are available to you, and which will work for your particular class/car.

What's the catch with contingencies? Well, you typically (almost always) have to run your vehicle with the sponsors decals on the vehicle.

Spec FR-S Decked Out

For SSC, here are the contingencies that I believe to be applicable.

  • TRD – ProSolo
  • Falken Tire – ProSolo & Champ/Match Tours
  • Hawk Performance Brakes - ProSolo & Champ/Match Tours
  • Solo Performance Specialties – Champ/Match Tours
  • – ProSolo (ladies)

The amounts will all vary, but Falken for example will pay $300 for first, $200 for second and $100 for third.

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