P240Z Fiberglass work

Tonight I spent some time working with fiberglass in the car. I was hoping to repair a few of the holes in the floorboards.

I made quite a mess, but learned quite a bit. Here are some before photos.

Driver's Side Prepped Rear Prepped Passenger Side Rear Driver's Side Read Rear tray prepped More Passenger Side More Passenger Side Passenger Side Prepped Passenger Side Prepped

The passenger side needed the most work as it was in the worst shape due to rust. I used quite a few pieces of fiberglass matt on the passenger floorboard covering some of the holes. I also covered up a few of the sharper metal pieces of the floorboard.

Passenger Side Rear Seat Mount Passenger Side Glassed Passenger Side Glass

On the driver’s side, I used minimal fiberglass matting and mainly used resin. The driver’s side was in far better shape than the passenger side so I used resin to smooth out the surface on the driver’s side. It turned out far better than I could have imagined! You can’t really see it in the photos, but it’s quite a clean look on the driver’s side now. I can’t wait to see how all this looks once painted. Though before I paint I’ll be cleaning up the fiberglass with some sandpaper.

Driver's Side Glassed Driver's Side Glassed Driver's Side Glassed Driver's Side Glassed Driver's Side Glassed Driver's Side Glassed

I’ll spend some time Thursday and Friday night working on the floor. I hope to try to paint the interior this weekend. The interior may have to wait though as I hope to finish up a few other things this weekend, mainly the fuel lines and getting the motor back into the car.

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