Heat gun on a hot night

Tonight after work Eric and I headed to Creve Couer park to do some skating. Kendra met us there to bring Eric socks and skated with us as well. As a group we went around the park once, they called it a night after that lap but I decided I’d go around one more lap before heading home. I had a big lunch so I figured I could definitely use the exercise.

After that I came home and recovered for a few minutes. I had said I’d do some work on the 240z though so I felt i must get something done. I went out into the garage and grabbed 4 things. A pair of latex gloves, a shop light, a paint scraper and my heat gun. I went to work on the interior of the car and got most of the remaining tar board out of the floorboard of the driver and passenger sides. That should allow me to do a little prep work later this week and then get to painting the interior to clean it up.

I’ll take some pics and video as I start doing more work inside the car. That’s all for tonight


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