Fuel Cell Ordered....

Well I ordered the fuel cell for the 240Z today, as well as 20ft of fuel line and AN fittings, as well as a wiring kit for a fuel pump. Tomorrow I’ll probably be ordering a fuel pump.

I also entered the DoubleX in Atlanta at the end of June. So now I have a deadline. Though my deadline is actually a few weeks earlier. I’m going to do my best, and recruit my friends, to hopefully help me get this thing running very soon. I’d love to have it together by the Impala event here in St. Louis on the 17th of June so I can try to get some time running the car.

Anyone up for some assistance? Here’s what I need help with.

Installing the fuel cell/lines/pump.

I need to come up with some sort of exhaust for the car, as Atlanta has noise requirements that need to be met.

Wiring up the MegaSquirt (this will be the biggest step and my biggest fear, as I have no electronics experience)

Who’s down for some help? Anyone? PLEASE?


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