Fuel cell arrived, list of things to get done!

Alright, so my fuel cell arrived today! It sure is purty, and big

I’m not yet sure how I’m going to mount it in the car, though I’m hoping to talk to Mark Huebbe and borrow the welder again sometime soon so I can possibly make a bracket to mount it above the spare tire well in the car. That or perhaps I cut the well out and mount it, but that might be a future project.

Whittle came over last night and we spent 3 hours going over the car and teaching me about relays and stuff about the Megasquirt. The squirt is nearly ready to install, he’s adding a jumper to the board for the MAF, but other than that I think it’s ready to go into the car as soon as I have all the wires run. I ran out tonight and picked up fuses, have yet to find a good fuse block though.

I tried Autozone, they had something that might work but I had hoped to find something a little cleaner so I ran to Radio Shack and Walmart, neither place had any fuse blocks to use. I’ll try a few more places tomorrow and see what I can locate. I really only need like 6 fuses but I bought plenty of spares. I need to fabricate something to mount the fuse block and a couple of relays too. I’m thinking some sort of black plexiglass/lexan or acryllic of some sort, though I’m not sure where to even begin looking for something like that in town, so they might just get bolted down to a piece of sheet metal for the time being.

So what’s next? Here are my goals for this weekend.

  • Get the fuel cell mounted and lines ran, I ordered a fuel pump from Jegs yesterday, should be tomorrow or Friday.
  • Remove the oil cooler attachments for now and screw on the filter in place of the adapter, I’ll run without one for a bit, once I plan on having the car driving for more than 15-30 minutes at a time (1-3 minutes for autocross) I’ll look at oil cooler options
  • Mount the VR sensor for the Megasquirt
  • Mount the radiator and get hoses that will work.
  • Get the other set of front rotors turned and put back on the car w/ new bearings.

Pictures and video of this weekends work coming early next week!

As for what’s after this weekend? Well getting all the wires for the Megasquirt run! Hopefully Nick can assist me with that next week over a few nights and we’ll see if I can’t get this darn car ready to run!

Update: I found a source for Plexiglass and ordered a few square feet, some black and some smoked!


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