First weekend in May, 240Z work!

Dad and I got a bit done on the car this weekend. I’ve created two videos, one from Saturday, one from Sunday.

Saturday: We ended up running around looking for more plugs for the intake manifold, ended up not having any luck at all with that. We also took some time and found more metal to use on the floorpan. After returning we fabricated a throttle linkage and then i decided it was time to actually see some resemblance of a car, so I partially assembled the front end with the new (new to me) air dam I picked up that afternoon.

Photos: 240Z Coming Together!240Z Front End

Sunday: Welding day. I spent most of the day welding, grinding, cussing, welding, grinding. And now I have a passenger floor pan without any holes in it! Alright, there are a few holes that are supposed to be there, and then there are a few holes that can be filled, but they are tiny compared to what I started with.

image image image image image image image image


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