Engine bay cleanup day video

I spent a few hours tooling around the garage today, mostly inside of the engine bay. I tried to clean up old paint and rust so that I can go through it next weekend with primer and paint to make it look a bit nicer. It’s currently, or was, black and orange, very Octoberish, well it’s March, so it was time to go. I also spent some time in the drivers compartment disconnecting the brake pedal from the booster and master cylinder. I removed those parts with hopes of putting the booster out of the 78 back in the car. It is bigger, so I assumed better right? I guess I should look into that before I put everything back in though :) One thing I found while playing with the pedals, the mounts are there for the clutch pedal (car was originally an auto) so that’s good news, I don’t have to take the whole dash out to put in the pedal assembly from the parts car, I can just put in the pedal itself. Here’s the link to the video.


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