Autocross Trophies, do you need them or want them?

Autocross Trophies, do you need them or want them?

Here in the St. Louis region, you used to compete for a trophy at every event you entered. You could stick around after the event, and if you qualified, you would get a trophy to take home. When I started autocrossing, this was my motivation. I wanted to earn a trophy every time I competed.

It has been years since I’ve seen that happen locally, I would guess it has probably been since the middle of the aught’s that the region gave out trophied after an event.

The trophies varied each year, here are some of the ones I can remember, and you can see some photos of some of them that I still have, 20+ years later.

Foam Cones, these were some of the best, kids loved them, they were light, easy to transport, and wouldn’t break!

Picture Frames with printed place and event information (done for each event).

Glass cups, coffee mugs, pint glasses, you name it. These I still have the most of. Have I used them? Nope, have I tossed them out? No way! The logistics of these had to be a nightmare, they were not setup per event, but definitely per placement (1,2,3), and the weight of hauling these around event to event was probably not fun.

One season had some form of stickers that you could get for trophies.

Autocross Picture Frame Trophies

Autocross Glass Trophies

Now, year end trophies, that’s where it is really at. In the past some of the coolest ones I received were:

  • Embroidered helmet bag
  • Embroidered gear bag

National event trophies are a whole topic of their own for another day.

Autocross Year End Trophies

Comment below, did you ever get autocross trophies at local events?

What are some of your favorites?

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