A small victory (updated)

With the help of a buddy of mine I was able to get the intake manifold removed from the car, as well as the exhaust manifold and the turbo.

I had hoped to have video up today but for some reason my laptop apparently decided to have some troubles with the video file from today. I do have the engine removal on tape, in high def. I got a new video camera today, Natalie and I needed one (she’s got a lesson with a very big name in training on Monday that she wants me to record), the camera is amazing. I hooked it up to my plasma TV and holy cow, my garage looks better on TV than in person! I’ll work tomorrow to get the HD video off that camera.

I have a few hours of video with my normal webcam setup, hopefully this chkdsk I’m running now will repair one of the videos. Otherwise it looks like I’ll only have the motor removal from the webcam, not the 2 hours of work after that removing all the intake/exhaust manifold parts.

What’s next? Cleanup time. I’m going to be ordering a fuel rail, injectors, pressure system/guage, and look into options for cleaning up the intake manifold. I may end up trying to have some machine work done on the manifold, and have the intake/exhaust manifolds coated before I go to put them back on.

More on that later this week. Hopefully video later tonight, if not sometime tomorrow.

Here’s a link to the Video

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